Wisdom and Decision-Making = Inside Out


Ability to discern inner qualities and relationships; good sense; good judgment Involves Perspective, Humility, Foresight, Open-mindedness, and analytical thinking is influenced by one’s values, beliefs, experience, environment, and world view.

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Curiosity and Creativity = Saving Mr. Banks

Curiosity is the desire for new experience and knowledge, adventure, and discovery. Creativity combines Curiosity with imagination, critical thinking, and effort. Creative effort must be both unique and useful to qualify as a character strength.

Awe and Humor = Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Humor is a character strength because it requires effort and brings joy to all. Awe is similar, combining Gratitude with Spirituality to appreciate majesty and mystery. Awe is essential to develop a sense of Transcendence and to worship.

Optimism = The Martian

Anticipating positive outcomes; belief in the fulfillment of a desire or goal; Involves Hope, Joy, Positivity; and results in energy, passion, and task completion; Increases Resilience, Perseverance, Self-Control, Insight, and Peaces.

Gratitude = Blindside

An internal and expressed thankfulness and Joy in response to a gift powerfully impacts emotional health; reduces anxiety, depression; increases health. Gratitude reflects Humility, Respect, Social Intelligence, Love, and Wisdom.

Purpose = Selma

The French call this one’s raison d’tre or “reason for being.” Produces greater life satisfaction, Peace, generosity, Optimism, Humility, and Confidence. Spirituality influences Purpose and one’s ability to change, persevere, and be resilient.

Peace = Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

Calmness and serenity despite trouble and stress; requires Courage and Confidence. Its opposite is fear, anxiety, and worry develop due to choice, Confidence, a growth mindset, and belief in one’s Purpose.

Love of Learning = Interstellar

Enthusiasm for discovering and educating oneself Involves passion, Curiosity, attitude, aptitude, and Confidence. A growth mindset improves our Love of Learning.

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