Respect = Divergent


Valuing oneself and others on the same standard. Giving attention, deference, and consideration to others while caring for oneself. Involves strengths of Honesty, Humility, Cooperation, and Courage.

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Cooperation = Avengers: Age of Ultron

Includes teamwork, friendship, citizenship, Social Responsibility, and religious participation. Identification with and obligation to the common good that is beyond selfishness. Involves expressing our interests as they apply to others and the community.

Forgiveness = Maleficent

The daily choice not to seek revenge but to treat offenders as persons of value. Replacing bitterness, resentment, and/or hatred with positive emotions (Empathy, Love). Forgiveness helps resolve conflict, reduces stress, prevents illness, and relaxes the mind.

Fairness = The Help

Giving everyone the same opportunity and treating them without bias or favoritism. Making just laws, enforcing them properly, and acting in good faith toward all. Being objective in judgments and following established procedures.

Insight, Tolerance, and Discernment = The Hobbit

Tolerance is sympathy for beliefs or practices different than one’s own. Discernment is an ability to discriminate subtle differences between right and wrong. Insight is perceiving contributing and conflicting truths that enable good decision-making.

Trust and Social Intelligence = Hunger Games

The ability to perceive others cues concerning motives, feelings, thoughts, and desires. Verbal cues are volume, inflexion, pace, tone, and pitch. Visual cues are facial expressions, eye contact, posture, movement, gestures, and attending.

Love and Care = Frozen

Deep affection, attachment, or fondness toward another. Closeness toward another based on Trust, shared experience, and warmth The choice to put another’s interests and concerns above one’s own.

Kindness = Warm Bodies

Empathy in action sensitivity and Compassion in attitude, words, and behavior. Generous, warmhearted, gentle, considerate, and helpful toward others.

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