C2 Online is a content-rich curriculum that provides:

  • 144 lessons
  • 144 movie clips from 24 hit movies
  • 144 Peer Chat Questions
  • 144 Briefings that allow the facilitator to prepare in a few minutes
  • 150 famous quotes with illustrations
  • Positive Psychology excercises
  • Hundreds of Briefing Keys that provide students with an outline of each Briefing
  • Detailed instructions on how C2 Online may be used while allowing maximum flexibility

Progressions and Timeframe for each C2 Lesson

Introduction: 10 seconds
Quotation: 20 seconds
Briefing: 3 minutes
Briefing Keys: (Students fill in the blanks during Briefing)
Movie Clip (3 minutes)
Peer Chat (3 minutes)

This brief timeframe is designed for

  • Infusion into core subjects;
  • Maximum flexibility for the teacher;
  • Optimized maintenance of students’ attention span; and
  • Allow expansion to 15-20 minutes if time is available.

Purchase Details:

Each C2 facilitator in your organization needs a teacher license.  A Teacher License is $375 for one year and allows login access to the entire C2 curriculum.

The Administrator License is an option that allows full access to analytics for all the organization’s user licenses.  This way the administrator is able to keep track of C2 usage of each license.  This allows quality assurance and implementation of fidelity protocols.  

In addition, the Administrator License has all features of the Teacher license.  Thus if the administrator is also a C2 facilitator, s/he needs only one license. An Administrator License is $425 for one year. 

If you are an individual teacher or counselor purchasing C2, an administrative license is not necessary.

Free 30-Day Introduction to C2 Online

The Liston Group offers a free 30-day use of C2 Online as an introduction. This allows you to examine C2 as if you had purchased the entire license. A school or organization may sign up as many facilitators as they anticipate licensing.


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