C2: Snapshot & Pricing

“The Strongest and Easiest-To-Use Character Training Available” -- Texas Middle School Principal

C2 Online is one of the easiest online curricula you will ever navigate. “User-Friendly” is an understatement. All lessons follow the same template, professional development tools are included, and training is available. C2 Online is favored by schools and other large groups with multiple trainers. 

    **  C2 Online Teacher License: This is for schools who use a select group of teachers or counselors to teach C2.  

Per C2 teacher/year = $375;  Administrator License = $425

    ** C2 Online Per Student License:  This is for schools that use C2 part-time for their advisory period or use only one of the three collections for each grade level.  Because usage is less, cost is less.  

Per Student cost can be as low as $2.48 / student / year.  Contact us for a quote.


C2 Toolkit places the curriculum at your fingertips in a traditional printed format. Student pages of Peer Chat questions and Briefing Keys may be copied as handouts for student use. DVDs operate simply in your computer or DVD player for student viewing. The Toolkit is preferred for organizations with one to three facilitators and for those leading small groups.

C2 Toolkit Cost: (144 lessons; 144 movie clips on 24 DVDs) = $1,495



C2 Online

The digital form accessible from this website and displayed in an interactive, flowing Content Management System

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C2 Toolkit

The hard copy with 24 DVDs of the movie clips and as many as 145 lessons.

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C2 trains in 28 character strengths based on Positive Psychology’s concepts and evidence-based research from numerous sources, primarily Martin Seligman and Chris Peterson’s Character Strengths and Virtues(Click here for C2’s Research Basis)

C2 is developmentally appropriate for students aged 11 to 18 years.

C2: Character Challenge was first was produced as a Research Toolkit (3-ring binder) in 2007 for pilot groups and peer review. C2's first edition was published in 2008 and was used in 32 US states and 4 other countries. Eight years later (2016), first edition Toolkits are still being used. C2’s second edition is published as C2 Online in 2016 and as C2 Toolkit in 2017.

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