C2 Toolkit is the physical copy of C2 Online. C2 content of both delivery systems is identical. A sturdy 3-ring binder contains the Toolkit's 144 character lessons on paper and 144 movie clips on 24 DVDs.

C2 Toolkit places the curriculum at your fingertips in a traditional printed format. Student pages of Peer Chat questions and Briefing Keys may be copied as handouts for student use.

DVDs operate simply in your computer or DVD player for student viewing.

The Toolkit is preferred by:

  • Organizations with one to three facilitators
  • Those leading small groups
  • Those who prefer a physical copy rather than  C2 Online.

C2: Character Challenge first edition was published in 2008 and was used in 32 US states and 4 other countries. Eight years later (2016), some first edition Toolkits are still being used daily or weekly. C2’s second edition is published as C2 Online in 2016 and as C2 Toolkit in 2017.

Cost is $1495.00 per copy.

Progressions and Timeframe for each C2 Lesson

Introduction: 10 seconds
Quotation: 20 seconds
Briefing: 3 minutes
Briefing Keys: (Students fill in the blanks during Briefing)
Movie Clip (3 minutes)
Peer Chat (3 minutes)

This brief timeframe is designed for

  • Infusion into core subjects;
  • Maximum flexibility for the teacher;
  • Optimized maintenance of students' attention span; and 
  • Allow expansion to 15-20 minutes if time is available


C2 Toolkit is designed with 10-minute lessons to allow teachers, counselors, and administrators flexibility with lesson length. Some options are:

  • Infusing C2 into a core course by teaching one lesson at a time.
  • Present two or three lessons back to back in an Advisory Period, assembly presentation, counselor-led training.
  • Include all six lessons for one character strength chapter in an after-school, block class, or alternative school session. 


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