Some find registering for the Free 30-Day Trial easy and intuitive.  They navigate through the process and C2 Online without training. 

Here are some instructions if that is not you!  You have found this page so the tough part is over.

1. The Liston Group offers one free 30-day use of C2 Online as an introduction. This allows you to examine C2 as if you had purchased the entire license. This allows you to review every detail.

2. Click on the back arrow at the top left corner of this page.  This returns you to the Liston Group Home page.

3. Click on the red box on the top right side of this page labeled, “Free C2 Trial”.

4. This opens a box containing the registration form.  Complete all boxes.

  • Make a record of the email address and password you select.  These will be your user ID and password in the future.
  • Under “Select Your Role,” you will see three options: Teacher, District Administrator, and Individual.  If you are a teacher at a school or organization that will be paying for more than one C2 user, chose the Teacher option.  If you are the decision-maker about purchasing C2, choose the District Administrator.  If you are an individual purchasing C2 yourself, chose Individual.
  • Click the Register box to submit it. 

5. A page should appear that says you have completed registration and, “To access C2, click on ‘Dashboard’ on the right side of the black bar.”  You have arrived at the C2 Dashboard where you can access

    anything in C2.

6. Below this sentence, it says, “IMPORTANT:  Next time you want to open C2, you will see ‘Login’ on the black bar at the same place you see ‘Dashboard’ when you are logged in.”  Click on ‘Login’ and the

    box will pop up asking you to enter your email address and password.  Do this and his ‘Submit.’  

    Then ‘Dashboard’ appears in place of ‘Login’.  Click on it and you are there.

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