What C2 Users Say

Why do teens engage so easily with C2? We weren’t sure so we asked them. Their responses were:

  • “The quotes are cool.”
  • “The Briefings aren’t bad. I never heard of some of that stuff.”
  • “The movies are really cool.”
  • “The Peer Chat is amazing. That’s my favorite part.”
  • “The [Positive Psychology] exercises are fun and make you think.”

So we concluded that C2 is "cool"!

"It’s hard enough to get character training into my plan without having to come up with lessons myself. C2 makes it easy."

- High School Teacher

"My students don’t want me telling them what they should do with their lives. C2 helps them want to be good people."

- Alternative School Teacher

"We had to change our student culture. C2 was a big part of turning us around. It makes character cool again."

- Middle School Principal

"The movie clips are short but tell the movie’s story while highlighting its meaning and emotion. The kids get it."

- High School Teacher

"My students started treating one another differently by the time we were through the Relationship Collection. Changes were subtle but significant."

- Middle School Teacher

"This has been our most popular project since beginning in 2009. We have six teams that twice a year take a month amd never have to ask for volunteers. When they go (to the detention center), the kids meet them at the door with grins on their faces."

- Kiwanis Club Leader

"C2 opens meaningful discussions between and with students. That’s the reason I got into teaching. We had so few before and now they happen frequently."

- High School Teacher

"After C2 training, my students are different. I’m different, too! Frankly, I’m surprised."

- Middle School Teacher

"We thought C2 was for males. After it worked with them, the female officers demanded to use it! They had the same good results."

- Juvenile Detention Officer

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