CGI Sample Questions

1. Honesty: I am honest and keep my promises.

2. Humility: I'm humble enough to admit when I am wrong.

3. Perseverance: Even when it gets hard, I stick with an important task and get it done.

4. Optimism: I am enthusiastic and motivated.

5. Kindness: When I see someone who is really hurting, I help them.

6. Love: Despite their faults, I love my friends and close family members.

7. Peace: When something bad happens, I can calm myself down.

8. Courage: When facing danger, I act with courage despite my fear.

9. Insight: I make good decisions and solve my problems.

10. Spirituality: My spirituality is strong and influences my values.

11. Forgiveness: When someone hurts me, I can work through it and forgive them in time.

12. Self-Control: I am self-disciplined and can wait to get what I want.

13. Gratitude: I show I am grateful when given a gift.

14. Creativity: I am imaginative and creative.

15. Curiosity: I get curious about things that interest me.

16. Cooperation: I am fair and cooperate with others.

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