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Free Resources

Character Videos

A treasure of free 5-minute +/- videos you can play in your classroom are listed here.

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Character Lessons

These are character lessons our partners have found to work with teens.  They wanted to share them with you.

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Character Strength Tests

Mark drew insight from every available measure of strengths to create CGI.  Here are the best tests he found and many are free.

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Coming Soon: The Character Portfolio

How do high school students get accepted to the university of their choice?  Universities are looking for students of character… but how do they know an applicant is virtuous?  One of the most exciting developments in the field of Character Education is the creation of the Character Portfolio [© Mark Liston 2014].

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Other Character Organizations

Here are a select group of organizations that the Liston Group has a working relationship.  Each produces adolescent character resources you may find valuable.

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