The Character Portfolio (CP; © 2014 Mark Liston) is conceived as a chronological record of students’ purposeful character development. Students will register for this secure online tool to record their body of character work and all meaningful, non-academic activities during grades 8-12. The student can attach their CP to university or job applications with a link.

Included will be CGI scores (self-report and observer reports), C2 and other character development lessons and projects completed, participation in extra-curricular activities, and character journal of intention, effort, and action. Activities might include:

Service learning and clubs

Religious involvement and community service

Performance projects (sports, fine arts, drama, etc.)

Mentoring relationships, activities, projects, and progression

Work history and internships

Lifestyle and career shadowing

Journal entries regarding spiritual, social, and emotional development.

The Liston Group envisions a student maintaining their Character Portfolio during and after college. CP will provide a valuable record of the continuing intent to grow in character and the actions taken to produce growth.

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