At Liston Group, we consider ourselves partners to those who choose our published resources. Our model is servant leadership (R. Greenleaf, 1970; and we take this seriously.

Here we begin to make available stories from our partners of their experiences with our resources. Though C2: Character Challenge came out in 2007, we haven’t started collecting these until now (December, 2016). If you are a partner, we will post yours as soon as we receive it!

About C2: Character Challenge

Juvenile Justice

"Our club chose to use C2 to mentor youth at the Merrimac Juvenile Detention Center. We absolutely love it. Sometimes I think we get more out of it than they do. We might struggle to get volunteers for some projects but they always are excited to take C2 to the kids." Kristie Smith, Williamsburg VA Kiwanis Club. Purchased C2 in 2009, used it for 7 years, and ordered the third edition in 2016.

A problem with character education programs is they are often preparation-intensive. One juvenile professional said, “We wanted something that we can pick up and, with an hour of preparation, teach effectively. C2 was perfect.” (C2 may be presented by any trained professional)

Stacey Mequet, RSW, director of an adjudicated diversion center in Louisiana, told of a 15-year old male sentenced to their 6-month program for drug use. He went through an 8-week format of C2 that Stacey says, “...addressed the virtues that helped this young man overcome the vices he needed to avoid [re-offense]. As of this date, he has remained drug-free and out of trouble.”

A juvenile Unit Manager in Florida says, “Real change usually comes as the result of a significant emotional event. The movies in C2 do that.”

Residentail Care

Our first pilot group was a racially mixed group home in Virginia. The facilitator said he recommends C2 for this setting, mentioned the movies that discuss racial issues and justice, and that C2 “made a noticeable difference in their lives.”

Inpatient or Outpatient Therapy

A 17-year old male dropout who could barely read was referred to a therapist’s C2 group therapy by a judge who tried him for violence and vandalism. After only 8 C2 sessions, the teen was asked what he thought of the training. “It’s cool,” he shrugged, and added, “I’m going back to credit recovery and finish high school.”

The 14-year old class president with all A’s had gone to his girlfriend’s house in the middle of the night. His divorced parents brought him to a therapist who was starting a 6-month C2 group. He completed the group and, when asked what effect the group had on him, said, “It changed my life. Before, I didn’t have character. Now I do.”

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